This page details the potential, independently developed game Aethyros. It is an action MMORPG that does away with many traditional mechanics and introduces many fresh ideas regarding leveling, combat, and role specialization.


When I was six years old, I picked up my first game: Pokemon Red Version for the Gameboy Color. I instantly fell in love with gaming, so much so that I wanted to design my own games. Pokemon was fun, but it felt too limited to my six year old self. Though I never stopped playing Red, I also began developing my own games that I would play by myself with my toys. I did not outgrow this habit as I got older, in fact, my interest in developing games only grew. As I was introduced to more and more games--of all types and from all places--the games that I developed became more and more detailed and refined. When I was sixteen I began working on a game that I believed would revolutionize MMORPGs--Aethyros--but soon after beginning this project, life prevented me from investing any more time into game development. Fast forward 5 years later, I'm lying in bed thinking about life and suddenly I get a sudden inspiration to pick up my laptop and notepad and start sketching a game. Quickly I begin to uncover the lost details of a game I had almost forgotten about, and now here I am, laying out those details for you.

I am not here to prove anything or to earn any money (though I would love to play this game someday). I am developing this game and sharing it with you only because I love gaming. Because much like you do every time you pick up a controller and turn on your favorite console, I am creating and participating in a world far removed from reality where the limits are only what my mind will dream up.

Aethyros is a game that does not emulate popular or traditional game tropes, instead it borrows ideas from countless games and fuses them into something fresh and novel. In each of these pages you will find a general description of each topic (leveling, character development, etc.), followed by specific details that will help you understand what makes this game unique. I hope reading about this game makes you all as excited as I am, and if you have comments or questions, you are more than welcome to email me at

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