Basics Edit

In Aethyros, there are no classes. The intent with this is to allow players to experiment with their own combinations of stats and abilities in order to find what works best for them. This makes characters highly customizable and encourages exploration of the game mechanics themselves. However, for the new player, experimentation can be very challenging and end with many failures before success is made. Knowing this I designed five Paths that the players may choose from to set up their style. When a player has chosen their path (at character creation), they will then have an opportunity in-game (after playing for a short period of time to get introduced to the gameplay) to choose a mentor. This mentor will determine the types of skills that the player will later on develop throughout the early gameplay

Paths Edit

The Disciple Edit

The Path of the Disciple has two mentors: the Monk and the Priest

The Warrior Edit

The Path of the Warrior has two mentors: the Knight and the Mercenary

The Hermit Edit

The Path of the Hermit has two mentors: the Druid and the Ranger

The Scholar Edit

The Path of the Scholar has two mentors: the Alchemist and the Astronomer

The Wanderer Edit

The Path of the Wanderer has no mentors. Unlike the previous Paths, this Path does not require any skills to be learned. This player has total freedom to develop their character in any way they choose.