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Though it is never said in-game, Atlan is the Earth in a separate universe where Greece (Hellena in the game is never conquered by Rome but instead slowly forms an empire that unites all of the world. Of course there's a lot of history that will be needed to be done to really set this up so that it is realistic, but you get the general idea. Earth (Atlan) is in its final phases to becoming a Tier one civilization and global unity has just been achieved. Scientific advancement and the discovery of Aethyr twenty years previous (see Aethyr page) has united all nations under one cause: understanding Aethyr and using it to better life on Atlan and possibly explore and colonize other planets.

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Atlan was already on its way to global unity decades before the discovery of Aethyr. A global coalition of governments formed. Encompassing all of the world's democratic powers, they named themselves Una Soma. Originally it was meant to be a council where the governments of the world could collaborate and meet the needs of others. But soon, bigger goals were made. Una Soma desired to create a global identity, and to do this, they had to create a global culture. Getting input from political leaders and common citizens alike all across the world, they spread representatives to every nation to propose the idea of a world government. It would not replace any current governments, but rather establish global goals and missions, which would help facilitate progress for the whole of humanity. The people voted and their votes decided that Una Soma would collect tax dollars from all over the world to devote to research and human progress. Scientists funded by Una Soma were tasked with finding solutions to the worlds most universal problems: hunger, disease, and depression. With all of the funding in the world, amazing technologies were being developed, but the effects were minor, as technological advancement was just beginning to reach a barrier: classical physics. The limited benefit of Una Soma's support generated only shaky support at best, but nearing the end of its first decade, Aethyr was discovered. The possibilities it opened up renewed people's interest in Una Soma, and for the next few years Una Soma's power and wealth increased. Promising the world life-changing technologies, the world invested much in Una Soma, and when Aethyrite began being manufactured, nations praised Una Soma's fidelity.

Of course, with the new power that widespread Aethyrite gave to the public, regulation to prevent its abuse had to be put in place. The world governments, not knowing the best way to handle the new technology, looked to Una Soma and its scientists for advice. Soon it was decided by the world's political leaders that Una Soma be given legislative power, and slowly but surely, Una Soma became established as the world's governing body.

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The discovery of Aethyr and Aethyrite brought about a huge change in the social atmosphere of Atlan. Not only did it help to unite all of Atlan, but it also changed the lives of many of Atlan's inhabitants. Being able to manipulate their world in ways they could not before even imagine. The need for medicine, regular agriculture, and other industrial systems is gone completely and these systems have since faded away. The only caveat with the introduction of Aethyr and Aethyrite into daily life is that though it has incredible power and does not require much if any energy to use, creating it is extremely expensive and consumes a great deal of energy. The machinery used to create it requires so much energy in fact, that is requires naturally occuring Aethyrite to power it. Because natural Aethyrite is so rare to find, a few very large corporations have formed and now control all Aethyrite production. Furthermore, the expense of Aethyrite has made it so that only those with proper wealth may enjoy its benefits, in effect excluding the less wealthy from its benefits.

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It was not long before metropolises and small cities began to change dramatically. The wealthier parts of the city were powered by Aethyr, whereas the less wealthy were powered by regular electricity. With the decline of the electric and oil industries, these lesser parts of the city dove down into extreme poverty. This created harsh divisions within the cities, and the wealthier sections evolved into city centers and the outer sections into urban ghettos. These ghettos were named and are commonly referred to as Urban Villages, while the centers were named the Polis. Life varied from village to village, but generally the atmosphere was very wild. Without the boon of electricity or technology, the villages could not keep nature out, and soon the villages resembled

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It was not long before the life of the poor and lower-middle classes became abhorrent, and it was in these conditions that rebellion brewed. Many resented the degradation of industrial society to make way for the Aethyrial Revolution, and soon the less wealthy formed a rebel group they named Dikē. Their aim was to destroy the factories that produced the Aethyrite and force the wealthy to bring back the industries that had provided the poor with their medicine, food, and shelter.

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This is the small village town in the mountain ranges of Hellena. It is at the base of the tallest mountain in Hellena--Mt. Hellen (I know creative right?). This is where all characters begin their PvE story. Aelio is part of a large collection of Urban Villages that surround the Polis and capital of Hellena, Acraeva, which sits near the summit of Mt. Hellen. Aelio is the largest of the Urban Villages and closest to the Polis.

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Acraeva is the large Polis that sits at the top of Mt. Hellen. It once covered a large quantity of Hellena, but as the cities wealth became consolidated at the Polis, it was voted that the UVs be recognized as separate "cities".

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This is the head laboratory and school that is sponsored by Una Soma. Much of Hellena's Aethyrite and its scientists are produced here. Every year they go out to the UV schools and pick up exceptionally bright youths to spend their lives studying in the Anemagogue.

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Kleos was a man who, being troubled by the dangerous living conditions of the UVs, built a large monastery/school were he would teach orphan children how to perform miracles and defend their homes from the invading nature. The monastery is located between Aelio and the Polis in the cold ruins

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This is the name given to the land that exists between and outside of the Urban Villages. A lack of electricity made living in these areas very challenging, and so they were deemed uninhabitable. Since abandoned, nature has taken refuge, creating an odd juxtaposition of industrial ruins and flourishing wildlife.

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The main plot is divided into two parts. The first part of the plot depends on the choices that one makes regarding their individual Path. The second part is the same for everyone. The first part works to set the stage for the plot as a whole and acts as an opportunity to learn how the game works and help define the player's character's attributes. See the Paths page for more details, but listed below are the basic plot details regarding each Path. Following this, are the details of the main plot.

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The Path of the Disciple begins at the House of Kleos. Your character wakes up to the sound of chiming bells playing a somber and minor melody. The light from outside that filters through the stone windows of the barracks is dim and blue. It is a cold, spring dawn on Mt. Hellena; the morning of the spring equinox--the day that youths graduate from their early education at the House of Kleos and are given a mentor. This is your character's graduation day, and with their fellow classmates they get dressed and head to the courtyard to receive commencement from Kleos, the founder himself. Following some speech (coming soon?)

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