Basics Edit

In Aethyros, there are two types of factors that affect a character's performance: stats and attributes. Attributes are innate qualities about the character that develop over time as a character learns and becomes proficient in a skill. Stats are the manifestation of these attributes in tandem with other environmental factors.

Attributes Edit

There are six attributes: Strength, Endurance, Focus, Intelligence, Speed, and Skill

Strength determines the effectiveness of weapon skills and certain strength based abilities

Endurance determines the resiliency of your character when blocking, taking damage, or whenever taking action

Focus determines your character's ability to concentrate, react quickly, and tap in to Aethyr (magic)

Intelligence determines your character's ability to understand, control, and amplify their Aethyr

Speed influences the rates at which your character takes actions as well as recovers their stamina

Skill influences the precision and finesse that your character has when taking actions requiring such attributes

Stats Edit

Maneuver Points (MP)--This represents your character's stamina. All actions other than casting most spells and moving at normal move speed, require MP. Max MP is determined by endurance, and the rate at which it recovers is a function of speed.

Aethyr Points (AP)--This represents the innate energy that all things carry (Aethyr). In particular it represents your character's own stores of Aethyr and their ability to use it. Max AP is determined by focus, and the rate at which is recovers is a function of focus.

Hit Points (HP)--Can't get more self explanatory. Max HP is a function of endurance and recovers very slowly as a function of endurance.

Defense--This represents your characters ability to resist attacks made using weapons. Some weapons and attacks will break through this defense, depending on the armor. Influenced mostly by armor effectiveness, but endurance also plays a role.

Power--This is your attack power using a particular weapon. This is involved in any sort of weapon skill that you use. Influenced mostly by the weapon's associated attribute, but weapon strength also plays a role

Resistance--This is your character's ability to resist the effects (primarily damage output) of a spell. Influenced mostly by the character's focus and intelligence, but armor can play a role

Channeling--This is your character's ability to channel, influence, and tap into both their intrinsic and the extrinsic Aethyr. This stat is influenced mostly by the strength of the spell itself and other special items/weapons (Aethyrite--see weapons section), but intelligence and focus also play a role

Accuracy--All characters begin with 100% accuracy when targeting within their range. Ranged weapons and spells that are targeted out of normal range will take penalties on this stat and also require more MP and AP. The penalties are mitigated by a function of skill and intelligence respectively. Certain spell effects will lower a characters accuracy.

Critical Chance--This is a player's ability to deliver a devastating blow. The chance is influenced by the character's skill, focus, and speed, the attributes of the weapon/spell/skill being used, and the targets focus and armor. For example, certain heavy armors are immune to all criticals except for criticals from ranged weapons. A character with a high degree of skill, focus, and speed using a ranged weapon may be able to land a critical hit easier than other types on a highly armored character.

Movement Speed--This determines your character's ability to move quickly. Not only does this determine normal movement speed and sprint speed, it also influences attack speed (also influenced by the weapon's individual attack speed) and the speed at which skills may be carried out (also influenced by weapon's attack speed if using a weapon in the skill, and the skill's individual speed modifier). Higher speed increases this stat, more equipment decreases this stat.